Free Laundry Card                                                                                                            Dedicated Children's Play Area

Wash, Dry & Fold ("Drop-off")                                                                                          Pick-up Service (Elderly/Infirmed)

Commercial Accounts/Uniform Cleaning                                                                        24 Hour Video Surveillance; Fully-Attended

Jumbo-Size Washers with Exclusive Electrolux Comforter Cycle                                 Large, Well-Lighted Parking Area

High-Efficiency Dryers                                                                                                      Brand Name Laundry Supplies

Internet Access/Free Wi-Fi                                                                                               Handicap Accessible

Air-Conditioned                                                                                                                 Loyalty Programs and Promotions

Electronic Entry Door                                                                                                       Picnic seating                                     

Fax & Copy Services                                                                                                        Snack & Drink Vending