Unique Business Opportunity

Visitors recognize that Spin Doctor is unlike any other Laundromat, and we’re frequently asked how does someone become an owner. The management is pleased to introduce three licensing packages for future small business owners and investors:  

Tier 1: Exploratory Offering Package ($250)

  •       Management consulting services two (1 hour) sessions

  •       Business Plan Preparation Assistance

  • Laundrylux/Electrolux affiliate financial plan review


Tier 2: Advanced Offering Package ($1,000 Retainer; monthly fee)

  • Management consulting services for one (1) year with option to extend

  • Location assistance

  • Website branding and template

  • Equipment configuration by A.C. Power, Co; Regional Electrolux Supplier

  • Branding rights and guidance

  • Operations Guidance and Standard Manual

  • Staff Training

  • Business Plan Support and Financial templates

  • Laundrylux/Electrolux Technical & Marketing Support


Tier 3: Partnership Package (Pricing based on share configuration)

  • All Tier 2 components

  • Financial investor partnership with Spin Doctor Laundromats, LLC

  • Employment profiles; recruitment guidance

  • Franchise corporate lease-hold

For inquiries contact Cathy Neilley, Princeton International Technology at email:  info@pitwebsite.com or call 732-329-0099.